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Terms and Conditions


The GCash Referral Program is a promo offered to select GCash customers. Those invited can earn up to P50 GCash for each friend referral. Each referral’s details will have to be submitted via SMS by texting:

REF (referral’s mobile no.) to 09451149412

Referral rewards will be seeded to the corresponding GCash mobile number upon validation within a week after submission.

The rewards breakdown is as follows:

  • Referrer receives P20 for each Referral that downloads the app and registers to GCash
  • Referrer receives P30 for their Referral’s first GCash transaction
  • Referral receives P20 for his first GCash transaction

1. This referral program will end November 30, 2017. Referrals and transactions after November 30, 2017 will no longer be valid.

2. This program is exclusive for individuals who have received the invitation message. Therefore, the invitation cannot be forwarded to other people.

3. Participating individuals who encourage their non-GCash friends to (1) download the app, (2) register, and (3) use GCash for the first time to BUY LOAD get a chance to earn up to P50 for each referral. Each referral’s details must be submitted via SMS by texting

REF (referral’s mobile no.) to 09451149412

Only one referral entry per text submission.

*Existing GCash user referrals are not eligible and will not earn Referral rewards.

**Only unique entries will be eligible for Referral rewards.

4. The following GCash rewards will be seeded to the corresponding registered GCash mobile number/s within a week after the approval of the transaction. Only a maximum of 10 referrals per day will be rewarded.

5. The GCash Referrals Rewards team has the authority to deny the conversion of rewards for incorrect, false or fraudulent referrals.

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach us.

Email: rewards@gcash.com