GCash QR Cashback Promos


FAQs 1: What is this promo?
Users who received the SMS offer are eligible to receive special cashback on their first transaction from March 1-4.

FAQs 2: Who is qualified to join this promo?
Only users who received the SMS (sent by GCash) are qualified to join this promo.

FAQs 3: Can I invite my family/friends to this promo?
If they did not receive the SMS (sent by GCash), they cannot be invited to join this promo.

FAQs 4: What do I have to do to receive my cash back?
You must simply scan to pay anytime from March 1-4. Exclusive cashback is only applicable to your first transaction duriing this duration

FAQs 5: How much will I receive?
Depending on the SMS you received all capped at P500

The second cashback will be received within 1 working day of the receipt of the first cashback.

FAQs 6: How many times can I receive a cash back?
These special cashback promos are only eligible on your first transaction during the promo. Subsequent transactions will merit the specific cashback promo tied to the merchant. Existing promo rules will then apply:

FAQs 7: What is GCash QR?
GCash QR is a new way to pay using your mobile phone. To get started, open the GCash app on your mobile phone, select “Pay QR”, select “Scan QR Code”, then scan the QR code at the store’s cashier to complete your payment.

FAQs 8: Where can I find GCash QR merchants?
You can visit http://www.gcashpromos.com/gcash-qr-partner-store-list/ for a list of GCash QR merchants.

FAQs 9: How many days before I receive my cash back?
You will receive the standard 10% cashback or P50 cashback for KFC/Jollibee within 3 working days from the completed transaction. The additional cashback will be received within 1 working day from the receipt of the original cashback.

The second cashback will be received within 1 working day of the receipt of the first cashback.

FAQs 10: How will I receive my Cash back?
The amount will automatically be credited to your GCash account within 3 business days.

FAQs 11: If I transact after the promo period, can I still receive the cashback?
For the 10% cashback, yes, users can.

FAQs 12: Is there a minimum and maximum purchase amount?
There is no maximum purchase amount for GCash QR, as long as you have the necessary balance in your GCash account.
The cashback, however, has a maximum cap which is at P500.

FAQs 13: Can I receive the cash back if I pay with cash or my GCash Mastercard?
No, you can only receive the cash back if you complete your payment using GCash QR.

FAQs 14: I have not received my cash back, what should I do?
If you have not received your cash back after 3 working days, you may contact us at fb.com/gcashcare. Make sure to provide the transaction reference number of your GCash QR transaction.

FAQs 15: What is the maximum cashback I can receive?
You can only receive a maximum cashback of P500.

FAQs 16: I purchased from a store with additional cashback offer, will I receive both?
No, this is not in conjunction with other cashback promos.