Send P50 on App or Messenger

and get P50 cashback!

Promo Mechanics:

  1. Open to all GCash users nationwide.
  2. Promo Period: March 6 – 31, 2018
  3. All GCash subscribers who send a minimum of P50 to another GCash number via GCash channels during the specific promo period will get P50 on their first transaction. Promo period per channel is as follows:
    • Send Money via GCash on Messenger: March 6 – 31, 2018
    • Send Money via GCash App: March 20 – 31, 2018
  4. Customers can only get a prize once during the promo. GCash will use the customer’s first send money transaction during the promo period to determine incentive qualification.
  5. Prize will be sent via GCash to the winner’s verified mobile number within five (5) working days after confirmation of the winner’s legitimate identity and account.
  6. GCash reserves the right and has the authority to deny rewards for incorrect user data or fraudulent transactions.

How to Send Money via Messenger:

Download the latest Messenger app and search for @gcashofficial

Choose to create or link a GCash account, then enter the verification code sent

Tap ‘Money’, and then ‘Send Money to Any Friend’

Choose a friend to send to, enter the amount, and confirm with your Facebook password.

How to Send Money via App:

Download the latest GCash app and login

Choose ‘Send Money’

Enter the recipient and the amount

Confirm the transaction

Follow the steps below to get verified so that you can Send Money!

Download the latest Messenger app and search for @gcashverify

Select ‘Get Started’ and send any message (“Hi”, etc)

Select ‘Get Verified Now’ and provide the necessary information

Undergo the video call with a GCash agent

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can join the promo?

All GCash subscribers nationwide can join the promo.

2. How do I join?

Send a minimum of P50 to your friends and family using GCash from March 6-31, 2018 and get P50 back. You can send money via GCash on Messenger from March 6-31 to qualify or use the GCash app from March 20-31 to get the prize:

a. Via GCash Messenger (@gcashofficial) – User is eligible to receive money whether done through the following Messenger menus:

  • Money’ > ‘Send Money to Any Friend’
  • While chatting with a friend, select ‘+’ > ‘Money’ > “Send Money to friend”

b. Via GCash App: Select ‘Send Money’ on the dashboard, enter the recipient’s number and amount to send, and confirm.

3. How will I know if I am eligible to send money via GCash?

If you are registered to GCash and your account is verified (completed KYC), then you can send money via GCash.

To send via Messenger, make sure you are on the latest Messenger app and your GCash account is connected to your Facebook.

4. How can I be verified?

After registering or linking with Messenger, you can chat with @gcashverify for online verification. You may also visit any Globe Store for offline verification – just make sure to bring a valid ID to be verified.

5. How many times can I send money via GCash to join the promo?

You can send money more than once, but you can only receive a prize for your first qualifying transaction.

6. When do I get my P50?

This will be sent through GCash within 5 working days of your transaction.

7. If prize will be sent via GCash, how can I get the money on hand?

If you have a GCash card, you can withdraw the money thru ATM machines. If you don’t have a GCash card, you may go to the nearest GCash Partner Outlet (such as Globe Store, Villarica, Tambunting, etc.) and present a valid ID. Cash-Out fee may vary depending on the GPO branch.

8. Can I get the prize in cash, instead of GCash?

Sorry, you can only receive the prize through GCash.

9. I need to send money to a non-GCash subscriber, how will he/she get the money on hand?

If sent via Messenger, the recipient will be sent a notification through Messenger to claim the amount sent within seven (7) days. Once the receiver claims, he will be prompted to link or create an account to get the money. To Cash-Out the amount, he will need to verify his GCash account as well.

If sent via GCash App, a non-GCash user will receive a notification but will need to register to GCash to claim his money.

Please note that transactions sent to a non-GCash subscriber (meaning, your friend did not claim / receive the money) will not get the P50 prize.

10. If I send money through the GCash App and Messenger, will I get the cashback twice?

No, you will only get the incentive for the first qualifying transaction, regardless of the channel. Ex. If you get P50 from your Messenger transaction, you will not get another P50 for the App transaction.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 3311, Series of 2018

GCash, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse the awarding of rewards for suspicion of abuse or fraud. For other GCash-related concerns, you may reach our customer support at

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Download the GCash App

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